Saturday, August 9, 2008

Work out log 8-8-2008 Back and Triceps


Bent over bar bell row: 2 sets at 40lbs, 10 reps slow and controlled movements

Close Grip Lat Pull Down: 2 sets, 1 set at 80lbs, 2 set at 60lbs. 10 reps slow and controlled with a hold at the end.

High Row on one knee on Free Motion Machine: 3 sets, first set at 80lbs on each side 10 reps, second is the same as the first, third is at 50lbs faster paced till failure.


Free Motion Machine (FMM) cable cross tricep ext: 2 sets at 60lbs on each side.

Over head rope extension: 2 sets 60lbs on first, 50 lbs on second 12 reps.

Skull Crusher: 1 set 30lbs till failure.

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