Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meagan's Butt Blaster Leg Press Exercise!!

Hey everyone,
I had a couple of people ask me about this one leg exercise soooo I recorded it and put it online, take a look at the video below and if you have any questions please let me know! Also the leg press sled on this particular leg press weighs approx. 170lbs.

Work out log 7-30-2008 Back and Triceps

Hey there!

Here is my back and tricep work out for yall!


Close Grip Lat pull down (but facing out) with legs up and crossed for ab work out as well: 2 sets of 12 at 80lbs

Close grip lat pull downs facing the correct way: 3 sets of 8 at 100lbs and 2 sets were negatives.

Prone dumbell wide grip rows on the exercise ball: 2 sets with 12 lb dumbells

Free motion machine wide grip lat pull downs with lift: 3 sets of 12, 1 and 2nd set at 80lbs, last set at 100lbs. You start the movement by leaning forward over your knee and as you reach about half way through finish the movement by moving to where you are vertical with your hips.


Free Motion Machine, cross cable tricep extention: 3 sets of 12 at 40lbs.

Over head rope tricep extension: 2 sets of 12 at 60lbs

Rope Tricep Ext: 1 set till failure at 40lbs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Activia for 10 days...try Fiber and Enzymes, they work a lot faster!

I was about to take a well needed nap when the Activia yogurt commercial came on and talked about how it can regulate your digestive tract in 10 days. Well, why not spend less time and money and not get as much sugar and preservatives and go for the natural fiber and enzymes that are needed by the body to help your digestive system and get you going in 12-24 hours!??

Why?? Because people don't know. They dont know that they dont get enough fiber in their diet with the processed, empty calorie foods and their metabolic digestive enzymes are depleting because of that food as well.

Here is a solution, find a fiber that works for you because everyone's body is different (I use Enzymatics Fiber in the strawberry flavor). In the beginning, get atleast 20-25 grams of that fiber and drink lots water at room temperature but this is a suggestion, if you want follow the directions on the container . Take digestive enzymes as they are directed; I have found that taking one with everymeal, especially if you eat late, helps tremendously!

Here is a little bit more about why enzymes are important and very overlooked!

Although systematic and digestive enzymes are absolutely vital to human health, you hardly ever heard of them in the dietary supplement industry until recently. I've found them to offer more benefits than almost any other supplements I've taken, and are an integral part of any effective colon or liver and cleansing program.
Just what makes them so important?

Essentially, every metabolic process in the body requires the catalytic action of enzymes. They're involved with digestion (obviously), breaking down and digesting the food we eat in order to release the nutrients they contain. But enzymes also play a key roll in the immune system, the circulatory system, the liver, kidneys, spleen and pancreas, and even our ability to see, breathe and think.

Every organ and gland in your body has a set of enzymes unique to itself. One researcher found over 98 enzymes carrying out metabolic functions in the arteries alone. Pretty much the same is true all all body tissues. (That's why I've found the use of glandular and organ tissue supplements for helpful.)

Where do we get our enzymes ?
Some of the enzymes we need are present in the foods we eat. (At least they're supposed to be.) Some are synthesized by the body itself.
However, when our food provides us with insufficient levels of enzymes, our bodies must produce its own. In the case of digestive enzymes, the need to — in effect — overproduce the enzymes needed to fully digest our food limits our ability to produce enough metabolic enzymes to carry out other body functions, including the clearing of our blood stream of foreign proteins, balancing fibrin in the blood and detoxification of the tissues.

Our enzyme-depleted diet:
Unfortunately, in our modern world, most of the foods we have available to us are enzyme-deficient, and are then processed and prepared in a manner that renders them all but dead and inert. What do we do to our foods to turn them into toxic waste?
· Chemical cultivation: When foods are grown in an artificial environment of chemicals, their enzyme content is all but destroyed. Add to this the fact that most of our seed is hybrid for production, not food content, and we start out in quite a hole.
· Heat: Enzymes start breaking down at 118 degrees F., and are totally destroyed at 129 degrees F. So many of our foods are super-heated during cooking, it's no wonder they're enzyme-deficient.
· Modern processing: The standard processing methods of pasteurization, sterilization, canning, freezing and microwaving all render enzymes inactive.
Early signs of enzyme deficiency:
Some of the early signs of enzyme deficiency include:
· obesity;
· digestive complaints; heartburn; gas; bloating; stomach aches;
· diarrhea; constipation;
· fatigue; chronic fatigue;
· headaches;
· yeast infections;
· nutritional deficiencies;
· pain; joint stiffness;
· colon, liver, pancreas and intestinal problems;
· skin eruptions, psoriasis, eczema.
To this list you could add cardiovascular problems and even cancer; and an enzyme deficiency might very well play a roll in such diseases as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS and other disorders that are becoming so prevalent today.

The need for enzyme supplementation:
Given the manner in which our food is grown and brought to market, is it really realistic to think that we can get the enzymes we need from our foods?
Not really.
Therefore, it really is important to supplement your diet with enzymes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Workout Log 7-28-2008 Legs:Glutes and Ham Specific

So update...I will be going to Miami!! wooohooo now instead of having local competition I will be against the best in North America!! lol.... 13 weeks we go! Now to the work out:

Ham Glute Raises on Leg press: I know it sounds funny buuut this is how it works, you scoot up on the seat of the leg press to where your glutes are off the seat and you have about 4-6 inches of space in between your glutes and the seat where your butt goes. When you leg press you come down like normal but when you go into the exertion you lift your glutes off the back of the seat and press all the way through and get a gooood squeeze into the glutes. We did about 400lbs for 12 reps 3 sets and on the last set dropped it down 90lbs and did 8 reps.

Barbell single legged stiff legged dead lifts (boy, thats a mouth full): 2 sets 12 reps 40 lb bar

Single legged free standing squats: No weight, 2 sets 12 reps on each side, holding for 10 seconds on the last one.

Butt blasters: 40lbs, 12 reps, two second hold at the top...controlled movement on the way down. 2 sets.

Hamstring curls on the machine: 12 reps, 2 sets on the 9 rep hold for 10 seconds and then do 3 forced reps with a hold at the end.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Updates on Competitions: One Cancelled


I just found out after 11 weeks of training and dieting that the show that I was going to be competing in, is cancelled or post poned....they dont even know yet. So I am going to try to get some funds together and convince my husband to fly to Miami for the North American Championships and rock it up there.

Please keep me in your prayers because Im off my carbs and not a happy camper right now! lol....I dont want all the hard work that I have put into this to go down the drain in one fail some how, some way I am going to Miami! And I will look on the brighter side, maybe I am meant to be in Miami...and not here in SA... just a happy thought.

God Bless, Meagan

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work out log 7-26-2008 Biceps and shoulders

Hey all,

Well as of today it is exactly 12 weeks out from competition day!! Woohoo...nutritionist and trainer are synergizing everything and I am a bit a head of schedule but am not slowing down because I want to be as lean and cut as possible about 2 weeks out and then soften up a bit before! I can see the outline of the 8 pack!!! my six year goal almost complete!

So today was shoulders and biceps:


Dumbbell over head press:

1 set of 40lbs on each side 8 reps and 2 negatives, the last rep holding for 5 seconds at a 90 degree angle
2 sets of 35lbs on each side 10 reps and 3 negatives, the last holding.

Side laterals:

1 set at 10 lbs on each side straight armed 10 reps
1 set at 15 lbs on each side straight armed 8 reps
1 set at 20 lbs on each side at 90 degree angle 6 times


Preacher curls on the exercise ball and free motion machine:

1 set at 50lbs in each arm 10 reps
2 sets at 30 lbs in each arm 12 reps, holding at the end.

Super set of Hammer curls and regular curls:

1 set of hammers at 20lbs in each arm 6 reps

1 set of hammers at 15 lbs in each arm 10 reps
1 set of regular at 15 lbs in each arm for 6 reps
(then repeat the above one more time starting at 15 lbs.)

One dumbbell bicep curl:

25lb dumbbell held with both hands on the end, curl till failure.

Enjoy!!! :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Food Diary for 7-25-08

Meal 1:

Protein powder 1 1/2 scp
Oatmeal 1/2 cup
Flax Oil 1 tsp

Meal 2:

Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 1 1/2 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tsp

Meal 3:

Post Work out:

Protein powder 1 1/2 scp
Rice Cakes 2

Non-Work Out:

Chicken 4 oz
Br. Rice 1/4 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tsp

Meal 4:

Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 1 oz
Green Veggies
Fish Oil 1 tsp

Meal 5:

Lean Beef or Chicken 5 oz
Greens Veggies

163g of Protein
67g of Carbs
26 grams of fat

10 sessions of cardio at 50 minutes each.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work out log 7-24-2008 back and triceps


-Wide lat pull downs on the free motion machine: 2 sets of 12 reps at 120lbs on each side at a 45 degree angle.
-Reverse wide grip lat pull downs on the free motion machine: in stead of facing it I faced out and had a slight arch in my back.
-2 Super set of barbell over hand rows: first set with 70lbs at a 45 degree angle 12 reps pulling a little above the navel. Second set is a 40lb drop to 30lbs at a 90 degree angle for 10 reps.
-Wide grip lat pull downs on the lat pull down machine: 2 sets 12 reps at 70 lbs. 3 forced reps at the end as negatives.


-2 super sets of tricep push down as a drop set: first set at 120lbs for 10 reps and then drop to 80lbs for 8 reps.
-3 sets of wide grip rope tricep push downs: 60lbs on the first set for 12 reps and then 40 lbs on the second set for 10-12 reps and a hold at the end.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our task as God's Children

So I have been fighting with some things and mainly the questions of, what does God want me to do with my life? Well I prayed and He answered...quicker than I expected but hey! Im not complaining.

I found out that our task as God's children is to find our personal area of giftedness and talent and to use it for Him. Perhaps your God-given creativity lies in the area of teaching, parenting, sewinig, accounting, administrating, comforting, building, computing, organizing, or landscaping. He may have blessed you as a creative athlete, musician, caregiver, counselor, food preparer, or mechanic. But here is the thing, your talent is between you and God, not you and someone who thinks you should do something else or that what you are doing is a sin or not right... Dont let someone put doubt intp your mind and heart about the goals and ambitions that God has put there. If you think or know that this is where He has placed you, then dont give up and keep pushing through because it will make you the happiest you have ever been and you will be an inspiration and light to someone that may have a similar gift or a need that you have fulfilled through Him.

Galatians 6:9
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

But also remember: "Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. "

Work out log 7-22-2008 Leg Day

Hey Everyone,
I will now be logging my workouts every time I work out so you can see what I actually do. My work outs normally only last 30 minutes and they are very intense and I work the muscle until muscle failure.

Leg Day:
2 Super sets of:
One legged jump lunges: 12 reps on each side, no weight
Jump squats: 10 lbs on each side and 12 reps
Sitting free weight leg extensions: 12 reps with 20lbs in between my feet
2 Super sets of:
One legged leg extensions: 12 reps on each side with 50lbs of weight. (Attach a cable to one leg with a weight strap and then have someone hold your hands or have something to hold onto that is in front of you. Position your leg in a leg extension position and keep the knee stable as you perform a single leg extension. )
Dumbell Front Squats: 12 reps at 50lbs elbows to knees.
2 Super sets of:
Close legged Deadlift: 12 reps at 70lbs
Free weight hamstring curls: 12 reps at 15lbs. (on an incline bench you are facing out/backwards with your knees a little bit above the seat, pelvis flush with the bench, a weight is placed between your feet and you perform a leg curl as you would on a machine but it is more intense because you have to stabalize and control even more.)

With every movement I contract the muscle that I am using and add my own resistance to make the movement more intense and to see faster results.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Guide to Fast Food

I hope that you find this guide useful and that it assists you in reaching your fitness and health goals. Although it is usually better to prepare your own meals to fit your lifestyle, there are times when we have to dine out. Hopefully, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions on what foods you should eat when you are in that position. Remember that most foods at restaurants are processed, full of empty calories from preparation, and most will make you fat! Below are some tips on eating out, tips to help you avoid dining out, and some nice choices for when you do eat out. Good luck!

Tips to Avoid Dining Out

- When you cook, prepare enough food for meals later in the week and keep them frozen. Carry them to work with you so that you always have meals available.
- Keep your home stocked with easy to prepare foods. This reduces the chance of you being caught off guard and going out for “something easy”
- Use Meal Replacement bars and drinks, such as EAS Myoplex and LaBrada Lean Body

Tips To Remember When Dining Out
- Avoid dressings like oil and mayonnaise.
- Request that your food have no butter.
- Avoid cheeses.
- Avoid extra bread. Most of it is very fast absorbing and has a high chance of being stored as fat.
- Keep an eye on portion size.
- Be careful when choosing sides such as French fries or other fried foods.
- Avoid fried foods
- When in doubt, choose grilled chicken breast
- Drink water instead of soda. Soda has a ton of empty calories, and has a negative effect on blood sugar and insulin.
- Don’t think a salad is automatically lean. Most salad dressings are VERY fattening, as is cheese (and bacon bits). Choose the fat free versions of salad dressings or choose a vinegarette dressing (your best choice).
- Make sure your chicken breast is boneless and skinless

To make this list, the foods have to be moderate in carbohydrates and protein, and relatively low in fat.

Wendy’s (
Mandarin Chicken Salad
400 calories
27g protein
40g carbs
14g fat

Large Chili
300 Calories
25g protein
31g carbs
7g fat

Chicken Breast (no skin or breading)
140 calories
29g protein
0g carbs
3g fat
Green Beans
50 calories
2g protein
7g carbs
1.5g fat
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
130 calories
2g protein
18g carbs
4.5g fat
-much better without gravy!

Burger King (
Fire Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad (w/fat free honey mustard dressing)
250 calories
20g protein
27g carbs
10g fat

Chicken Whopper (no mayo)
410 calories
38g protein
48g carbs
7g fat

Taco Bell (
Chicken Ranchero Taco (Fresno Style)
170 calories
12g protein
20g carbs
4g fat
Pintos and Cheese
180 calories
10g protein
20g carbs
7g fat

All 4 of these restaurants are very similar and often similar choices. Here are a few tips for eating at these restaurants.
- Avoid the cheese
- Don’t eat the large sandwiches (12”, 14”, etc.) in one sitting. Eat half and save the rest for later
- Avoid oils and mayo
- Avoid salad dressings
- Eat lean meats like turkey, ham, and roast beef. Avoid the steaks, bacon, salami, bologna, etc.
- Don’t be fooled by “Atkins Friendly” foods. These are usually very high in fat.
- Try double turkey breast and double ham!
- Again, avoid sodas and fruit drinks. Water has zero calories!

McDonalds (
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (Newman’s Own Low Fat Vinegarette)
240 calories
29g protein
13g carbs
9g fat

Chicken McGrill
345 calories
27g protein
47g carbs
4.5g fat

Taco Cabana (
¼ Grilled Chicken White (No Skin)
167 calories
35g protein
0g carbs
1.7g fat

Chicken Fajita Meat (white)
- Avoid the sour cream and cheese!
190 calories
30.4g protein
3.2g carbs
6.2g fat

Tortilla (1ea)
129 calories
3.2g protein
21.7g carbs
3.3g fat

Borracho Beans
108 calories
4g protein
17g carbs
2.5g fat

Refried Beans
171 calories
7g protein
21g carbs
6g fat

Whataburger (
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Special Request - small bun, no bun oil, w/MLT)
28g protein
37g carbs
8g fat

Chick-Fil-A (
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich
410 Calories
28g Protein
38g Carbs
13g Fat

Char grilled Chicken Sandwich (no sauce, no bacon)
270 calories
28g protein
33g carbs
3.5g fat

Weekly Food Diary for 7-21-08

Meal 1:

ProPowder 1 1/2 scp
Oatmeal 1/2 cup
Flax Oil 1 tbsp

Meal 2:

Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 1 1/2 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tbsp

Meal 3:

Work out Day:
Pro Powder 1 1/2 scp
Rice Cakes 2

Non Work out Day:
Chicken 4 oz
Br. Rice 1/2 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tsp

Meal 4:

Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 1 oz
Green Veggies
Fish Oil 1 tsp

Meal 5:

Lean Beef or Chicken 5 oz
Greens Veggies

Calories: 1244 Protein: 163 grams Carbs: 67 Fats: 36grams
Cardio is 8 sessions for 45 minutes.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Easy, quick, tasty meals!!

Healthy Pizza:
Wheat Hoggie Loaves, or if you can find them in spelt or ezekiel bread thats even better.
Marinara sauce or pizza sauce
Fat free or low fat mozzerella Cheese
Organic Turkey sandwhich meat

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Cut the Hoggie Buns in half length ways
Get a baking sheet and spray non stick spray on the bottom
Place the Hoggie Buns on the baking sheet
Spead the sauce on top of bread
Spread cheese on top of sauce
cut the turkey meat and put it on top of the cheese
Place in oveen for 15 minutes and you have a quick easy healthy meal!

Healthy Speghetti:
Ezekiel/Spelt Noodle (make sure you read the directions for cooking, they cook a lot faster than white noodles)
Organic tomato sauce
Lean ground beef or turkey

Place meat in pan, season it and cook it as ground, not into patties
While the meat is cooking, cook noodles.
When the meat and noodles are done put the meat into the noodles and open the can of tomato sauce and pour in all together, mix and enjoy!
(You can also add in veggies such as squash, zucchinni, onion, garlic etc.)

Healthy Sandwhiches:
Ezekiel/Spelt bread
Fat free cheese
Spicy mustard
Organic turkey meat or chicken
Turkey bacon (optional if you would like to make a BLT)

Ezekiel bread and Spelt are better toasted, so toast bread, stack on ingredients and enjoy!
If you like chips, stick with your veggie chips from central market or baked lays!

Weekly Food Diary for 7-14-08

Meal 1:

1 1/2 Scoops of protein powder
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 tbs of flax oil

Meal 2:

5 oz Chicken
2 oz Sweet Potato
Green Veggies
1 tbsp Flax Oil

Meal 3:
Post workout- 1 1/2 scoops protein and 2 rice cakes

Non work out day
4 oz Chicken
1/2 oz Br. Rice
Green Veggies
1 tsp Flax Oil

Meal 4:

5 oz Chicken
1 1/2 oz Sweet Potato
Green Veggies
1tsp Fish Oil

Meal 5:
5 oz Lean beef or chicken
Green veggies

Calories: 1290 Protein: 163g Carbs: 74g Fat: 38g
7 days of cardio at 45 minutes a session.
15% bodyfat and 122lbs.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Diet Tips for a leaner Nu-er you!!

Here are some noteworthy diet tips:
-Eliminate junk food. Most fast food restaurants along with most pastries and processed foods contain high amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar (usually simple sugars). The consumption of these foods will do little for your energy, except promote a high then a low in your blood sugar levels. In addition they offer high levels of fat, usually of the saturated type. And they quite often contain large amounts of water-retaining sodium. None of these qualities are beneficial to any type of athlete.

-Drink eight to ten glasses of water each day, or more (I personally drink a LOT more-over 3 gallons per day). This will ensure your replacing fluids lost during exercise. You need not wait until you are thirsty. By then, you are in a depleted state. Drink these glasses of water throughout a day's time, not all at once.

-Determine your daily protein requirements. Proteins that include the essential amino acids, (those that your body does not manufacture) are of utmost importance. Protein powder provides a great means to obtaining additional quality protein. And remember, proteins are best assimilated when accompanied by some carbohydrates. Where do you start? Try 1g per pound of bodyweight.

-Consume high fiber foods. Not only does high fiber in your diet help in the reduction of cholesterol; it also makes fats less likely to be absorbed into your body.

-Exercise to increase your lean body weight. The more lean weight you have, the more efficient your body moves and the higher your metabolism, even at rest. By increasing your lean body weight, your bones become more dense and your muscles, tendons and ligaments become stronger. The great side effect of all this is that it's easier to avoid getting fat. Remember, bigger muscles burn more calories than little ones. You DO NOT want to lose lean body mass! If you aren't already, whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, you should be eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours! WHICH:
- Increases metabolism
- Gives your body a constant supply of nutrients
- Keeps your blood sugar stable and alleviates the post-meal "crashes" (ever feel lethargic after lunch?) since your not spiking your insulin.
- It keeps you relatively saturated and stops you from eating a huge amount at one time, which is an easy way to cause your body to store fat.
- You know that if you get hungry, you're going to be eating again in a very short time! No more waiting 6-7 hours between meals! You should always eat at least five meals a day. Two or three meals simply isn't often enough. If your muscles don't get the calories they need, how are they going to keep going? By CANNIBALIZING muscle tissue! That's the same muscle tissue you spent hours training to get! On the other hand, overeating even one meal a day keeps the fat-building enzymes in your body more numerous to turn the excess food into body fat. Always ask yourself "What will I be doing over the next 3 hours?" and eat based on that. If you're going to be busting your tail in the gym, you'd eat more than you would if you were going to sleep. Remember, when you overeat at a meal, the excess calories get stored as fat. So, if you skip a meal, do not eat to make up for it, eat for what you are going to be doing.

Weekly Food Diary for 7-4-08

Meal 1
Pro 1 1/2 scp
Oatmeal 1/2 cup
Apple 2 oz
Flax Oil 1 tbsp

Meal 2
Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 2 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tbsp

Meal 3

Post Work Out:
Pro 1 1/2 scp
Rice Cakes 2

Non-Work out Day Meal 3
Chicken 4 oz
Br. Rice 1/2 oz
Green Veggies
Flax Oil 1 tsp

Meal 4
Chicken 5 oz
Sweet Potato 2 oz
Green Veggies
Fish Oil 1 tsp

Meal 5

Lean Beef or Chicken 5 oz
Brown Rice 1/4 oz
Greens Veggies

1353 Calories, 163 grams of protein, 90 grams of carbs, 38 grams of fat. Starts this Tomorrow!

Cardio is 6 days at 45 minutes a session.