Monday, July 14, 2008

Easy, quick, tasty meals!!

Healthy Pizza:
Wheat Hoggie Loaves, or if you can find them in spelt or ezekiel bread thats even better.
Marinara sauce or pizza sauce
Fat free or low fat mozzerella Cheese
Organic Turkey sandwhich meat

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Cut the Hoggie Buns in half length ways
Get a baking sheet and spray non stick spray on the bottom
Place the Hoggie Buns on the baking sheet
Spead the sauce on top of bread
Spread cheese on top of sauce
cut the turkey meat and put it on top of the cheese
Place in oveen for 15 minutes and you have a quick easy healthy meal!

Healthy Speghetti:
Ezekiel/Spelt Noodle (make sure you read the directions for cooking, they cook a lot faster than white noodles)
Organic tomato sauce
Lean ground beef or turkey

Place meat in pan, season it and cook it as ground, not into patties
While the meat is cooking, cook noodles.
When the meat and noodles are done put the meat into the noodles and open the can of tomato sauce and pour in all together, mix and enjoy!
(You can also add in veggies such as squash, zucchinni, onion, garlic etc.)

Healthy Sandwhiches:
Ezekiel/Spelt bread
Fat free cheese
Spicy mustard
Organic turkey meat or chicken
Turkey bacon (optional if you would like to make a BLT)

Ezekiel bread and Spelt are better toasted, so toast bread, stack on ingredients and enjoy!
If you like chips, stick with your veggie chips from central market or baked lays!

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