Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work out log 7-26-2008 Biceps and shoulders

Hey all,

Well as of today it is exactly 12 weeks out from competition day!! Woohoo...nutritionist and trainer are synergizing everything and I am a bit a head of schedule but am not slowing down because I want to be as lean and cut as possible about 2 weeks out and then soften up a bit before! I can see the outline of the 8 pack!!! my six year goal almost complete!

So today was shoulders and biceps:


Dumbbell over head press:

1 set of 40lbs on each side 8 reps and 2 negatives, the last rep holding for 5 seconds at a 90 degree angle
2 sets of 35lbs on each side 10 reps and 3 negatives, the last holding.

Side laterals:

1 set at 10 lbs on each side straight armed 10 reps
1 set at 15 lbs on each side straight armed 8 reps
1 set at 20 lbs on each side at 90 degree angle 6 times


Preacher curls on the exercise ball and free motion machine:

1 set at 50lbs in each arm 10 reps
2 sets at 30 lbs in each arm 12 reps, holding at the end.

Super set of Hammer curls and regular curls:

1 set of hammers at 20lbs in each arm 6 reps

1 set of hammers at 15 lbs in each arm 10 reps
1 set of regular at 15 lbs in each arm for 6 reps
(then repeat the above one more time starting at 15 lbs.)

One dumbbell bicep curl:

25lb dumbbell held with both hands on the end, curl till failure.

Enjoy!!! :-)

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