Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Work out log 7-22-2008 Leg Day

Hey Everyone,
I will now be logging my workouts every time I work out so you can see what I actually do. My work outs normally only last 30 minutes and they are very intense and I work the muscle until muscle failure.

Leg Day:
2 Super sets of:
One legged jump lunges: 12 reps on each side, no weight
Jump squats: 10 lbs on each side and 12 reps
Sitting free weight leg extensions: 12 reps with 20lbs in between my feet
2 Super sets of:
One legged leg extensions: 12 reps on each side with 50lbs of weight. (Attach a cable to one leg with a weight strap and then have someone hold your hands or have something to hold onto that is in front of you. Position your leg in a leg extension position and keep the knee stable as you perform a single leg extension. )
Dumbell Front Squats: 12 reps at 50lbs elbows to knees.
2 Super sets of:
Close legged Deadlift: 12 reps at 70lbs
Free weight hamstring curls: 12 reps at 15lbs. (on an incline bench you are facing out/backwards with your knees a little bit above the seat, pelvis flush with the bench, a weight is placed between your feet and you perform a leg curl as you would on a machine but it is more intense because you have to stabalize and control even more.)

With every movement I contract the muscle that I am using and add my own resistance to make the movement more intense and to see faster results.

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