Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upcoming Events for Nu-U Fitness

Hey Everyone!
  Well, this chickadee has finally graduated! Yay!  Now it seems like I can fully commit to a happier life!

Nu-U Fitness is participating in some events coming up and we just wanted to share in the excitement!

8/11/09  Police Explorers Whole Body Fitness Presentation
  • I will be speaking with the individuals in the Police Explorers program about mental, emotional, and physical fitness.
8/19/09 SANCouncil Annual Meeting
  • Nora and myself will be presenting the executive summary of the SANCouncil Economic Impact Study that we conducted. 
  • This is an exciting time for our new studio and we will have live music, entertainment, radio station involvement etc...I will keep everyone updated so that yall can come out and join in the fun!
10/12/09 (tentative date)  San Antonio Sports Filming for Fiesta Fitness Program Launch video
  • I will be the on air personality for the Fiesta Fitness Launch video we start filming sometime the week of the 12th. 

God has gracefully given us many blessings to be thankful for and we are rockin' and rollin' here in San Antonio! Keep up the hard work everyone!