Monday, July 28, 2008

Workout Log 7-28-2008 Legs:Glutes and Ham Specific

So update...I will be going to Miami!! wooohooo now instead of having local competition I will be against the best in North America!! lol.... 13 weeks we go! Now to the work out:

Ham Glute Raises on Leg press: I know it sounds funny buuut this is how it works, you scoot up on the seat of the leg press to where your glutes are off the seat and you have about 4-6 inches of space in between your glutes and the seat where your butt goes. When you leg press you come down like normal but when you go into the exertion you lift your glutes off the back of the seat and press all the way through and get a gooood squeeze into the glutes. We did about 400lbs for 12 reps 3 sets and on the last set dropped it down 90lbs and did 8 reps.

Barbell single legged stiff legged dead lifts (boy, thats a mouth full): 2 sets 12 reps 40 lb bar

Single legged free standing squats: No weight, 2 sets 12 reps on each side, holding for 10 seconds on the last one.

Butt blasters: 40lbs, 12 reps, two second hold at the top...controlled movement on the way down. 2 sets.

Hamstring curls on the machine: 12 reps, 2 sets on the 9 rep hold for 10 seconds and then do 3 forced reps with a hold at the end.

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Isabelle said...

Dang you're strong. Still not sure if I get the leg press ham raise but it looks hard! I might need a video for that one...

Congrats on the Miami show, I'm really happy for you :)