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From a book, that my friend read and passed along the info…very astonishing!

Obesity is a public health crisis. Do something about it! Change your lifestyle! Life is better when it is enjoyed, and you can raise and play with your children. When the cost of medical expenses drop because you are in a healthy state of mind! Don’t just do if for yourself, do it for others!
If Atlas were holding up the earth today, he’d better trust his loins to lift all the overweight people inhabiting the planet. For what surely must be the first of recorded history, demographers have determined that there are more overweight people living among us than those who are undernourished. One Billion adults are overweight, which 300 million are obese.

For thousands of years, our forebears lived out an existence that depended upon the sweat of their brow and whether or not nature provided bountiful crops at harvest time. Hunger was their constant companion, their frequent worry. I couldn’t imagine what went through the minds of desperate parents who held their starving children in their arms wondering what they were going to be able to feed them the next day.

The miracle of modernization has taken card of much of that problem. Too many people fall asleep each nigh with gnawing hunger and growling stomachs. One-Sixth of the global population has a different dilemma. They’re too big from gorging themselves with greasy, high-fat, low-nutrient, chemical-laced, mass produced foods. The global growth of industry and technology has led to an abundance of cheap, high calorie meals, unhealthy sugary snacks, and a steep decrease in physical activity, resulting in one of the most blatantly visible, yet most neglected, public health problem in the history of man kid.

Global obesity is becoming an epidemic. If things don’t change globesity could become as devastation just as malnutrition, especially to the economies of the poorest countries. In other words, the global Obesity epidemic could become more harmful to the world community than starvation.

What an astonishing turn of events. I can remember when My mother was reminding me to clean my plate because of the "Starving children in china," but she would have to amend her example if she were raising me today. Ten percent of city-dwelling Chinese children suffer from obesity….A number that’s increasing by a shocking eight percent a per year. In Japan, obesity in nine year olds has tripled. Twenty percent of the Australian Europe has tripled in the past two decades; half of all adults and 20 percent of all children are over weight!

The tentacles of globesity reach into every continent and grip every major city in the world. We’re seeing hundreds and hundreds of million consume western-like convenience foods, shift away from physically demanding jobs in agriculture, and devote their growing leisure time to watching TV and surfing the internet. They’re adopting this new lifestyle rather rapidly, unaware that they are putting themselves at risk for chronic diseases that could shave years off of their life’s. Fast food is everywhere in Belize, were eating "well "means eating like the American’s or the British…the greasy fried foods they see advertised on television.

Another telling example comes from the Japanese, who, after centuries of staying slim on a diet of fish, vegetables, seaweed, fermented soy, and rice, have developed a new millennium sweet tooth for the Krispy Cream doughnuts and cold stone creamery. When the Japanese McDonald’s introduced the Mega Mac, and four patty burger, they sold 1.7 million in four days.

The Japanese still have a long way to go before they catch up with us, though. Not only are we the fattest nation on earth, but we’re also ballooning to extremely obese proportions at an alarming rate. While most people have heard that two-thirds of American adults aged twenty years and older are overweight, the number of those who are extremely obese, has quadrupled since the 1980’s. Twenty years ago, one in two hundred adults were candidates to purchase two seats when traveling on southwest Airlines. Today that number is one in fifty.

If People keep gaining weight at the current pace in the U.S, 75 percent of U.S adults will be overweight and 41 percent obese by 2015, which is right around the corner.

Why People don’t lose their Fat!

1. Menu is too high in calories from calorie dense foods like snack foods, pizza, desserts, pasta, bread, and dairy products.

2. Activity and exercise levels are too low, or non-existent.

3. Slow Thyroid. About one in two Americans has an under active thyroid, mainly becuase of the foods they consume.

4. Fewer than 20 grams of protein are consumed for breakfast. Protein regulates insulin levels.

5. Too much fat is consumed. Butter, salad dressing, fried foods.

6. Too much sugar is consumed.

7. The heaviest meal is eaten at night rather than at breakfast.

8. Alcohol slows down the metabolism and is processed like sugar by the body.

9. Too few meals or calories are eaten per day.

10. To many in between snacks are consumed.

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