Friday, August 1, 2008

New Tid Bits I Have Learned Today!

While I was doing cardio this morning I was reading a great fitness magazine.... andI learned all kinds of stuff! Like....

Real Champions:
- Are the ones who made the best series of choices during their off season and contest prep.
-They choose to stay natural, not purchase cheap off-brand products in the off-season, and not gain 40 lbs of fat in the off season.
-They choose to outwork their opponents, and not overindulge in foods that are counterproductive to reacing their objectives.
-They choose to be humble, learn from others, and enjoy the process of getting ready to compete, instead of complaining about the diet.
-And most of all, they choose to do everything within their control to prepare for their contest, and not to worry about variables outside their control.

On Metabolic Rate (better explained that I could do it):
-"Bottom line is that a purely calorie restricted diet lowers your metabolic rate, eats muscle like a kid in a candy store, and causes you to lose your mind!!"
---The solution:
- First, quit worrying about your weight and focus on your diet.
- Second, feed your body the right kind of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) so that it
responds the way you want it to. Every time you eat you stimulate you metabolism, so
eat often.
- Third, supplement the diet with a good vitamin/mineral supplement.

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