Friday, August 15, 2008

Reasons Why....

Well, LOL here I am...a very busy person but bound and determined to get back up on stage. I have even flipped my handle bars on my stationary bike to fit my laptop so I can work on projects, speeches, and homework while I do my 100 minutes of cardio a day! I felt like I was
wasting I fixed it!

Lately, there has been some things that stick out in my brain one of them is selfishness. I know that there needs to be some selfishness in us, its a preservation mechanism, but to completely loose yourself in it, is a different story. Unfortunately in the competition realm, it is a selfish sport and there is a fine line. But, can't anyone earn a little bit and stay true to themselves and practice what they preach and stay true to why they originally started competing and trying to make a difference in the first place?? For some yes, and some no. I sit here and wish that everyone could be a little less selfish because it would definately make this world a nicer place to live in.

My goal for competing has changed somewhat, I want to stay focused and make sure I am true to myself and those around me and keep my original plans in motion because people look up to me and I wouldnt want to disappoint them and everything that I promised....because my head got to big to fit in the same room with them.

Yes, I compete for myself, this has been a 6 year long drive that has been instilled in me, only God knows why!...but never the less it has helped me grow in knowledge about health and wellness and teach me how much people DONT know! I strive to educate and to build the fire back up about keeping the body healthy. Look at it this way, if you dont have your health, you dont have anything! God gave us this one body, and if we distroy it we only have ourselves to blame. The lack of knowledge can kill you!

I want to be accessible to people, not too high and mighty (or atleast act that way) so that people dont even want to come near me or talk to me! I do not want to be fake or go back on my word, or twist my words around to suit me at any given time. It all boils down to being selfless, and giving and putting what talent God gave me into practice to help others, not hinder and boast in my own glory....because like my grandfather used to say about that "a hundred years from now, no one will know the difference."

I want to make a difference and if I can reach or touch one person with my selflessness they may pass it on and do that for someone else! I will not lose myself and if I start too my husband is sure to put me back into place in a loving and kind way but he also keeps me grounded and I thank the good Lord for that because I know how easy it is to fall into that category of selfishness that is over the

I will first and formost say that it was not all me that got me there because if it wasnt for the great team of people, family and friends...but mainly God up above, I wouldnt be where I am today!

So thank you all for helping me and lets all do each other a favor and check ourselves, is your heart in the right place or is it all just a selfish act to get attention. Because, honestly attention makes you feel good for 2 seconds and then you want more... where does that leave you? Making someones day by reaching out to them will leave a lasting impression on that person as well as yourself and give you a sense of lasting joy that can only be received from an act such as that!

Good Morning!!!! lol...have a great day and be safe!

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Isabelle said...

Wow, that was a great post and I completely agree. It is so sad when you meet someone you think very highly of and when you start talking to them you lose interest because they do not meet your expectations. I doubt you will ever be one of those people...