Thursday, August 21, 2008

Work out log 8-20-2008 shoulders and abs

Well we switched it up a bit now since we are 71 days or almost 10 weeks out! We worked on shoulders and abs today instead of shoulders and bi's. Tomorrow we will touch up on Bi's, but mainly focus on back and tri's.


Dumbbell lateral raise: 1 set, 20lbs, 3 reps.
2 set, 25lbs, 3 reps
3 set, 20lbs, 4 reps
4 set, 15lbs, 10 reps
5 and 6 set, 10 lbs, till failure

Sitting shoulder press on Free Motion Machine: 1 set, 80lbs on each side, 12 reps

Incline bench prone shoulder press on FMM: 2 sets, 40lbs on each side, till failure.

Bent over delt raises: 2 sets, 15lbs, 12-10 reps.


Sitting Upright Reverse Crunches: 2 sets, 15lbs, till failure

Incline Bench Reverse Crunchs: 2 sets, 25reps with a hold at the end.

Ab bench resistance band crunches: 2 sets till failure.

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