Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Goal for those that want to compete!

Hey everyone!

Well I do have a goal with my blogs, like this one here and the one on blogger ( but...before that a story...
When I first started getting into fitness and wanting to lose weight, tone up , see my abs etc... I had no clue where to start. I did a fitness model search and came across some profiles on here, on the web in general, and on myspace. I emailed most of them to get feed back and either never heard anything in response or go some advice but they would neeeever really tell me what they did for their work outs and what they ate, how they ate it etc... So with little to no knowledge I went into dieting and exercising...thinking and going off of what those people told me. To me exercise was running and doing crunches, and good/ healthy food was quesadillas and raisin bran! With that I never really saw results and I wanted it so bad that I went into a tail spin for the worse and ended up becoming bulimic.

The point of this story is to say that I want to be a person that has no fear or insecurity about telling people how I got the body I have, because in all honesty the people that I tell actually have to apply the information from my blog to see the results they want. I want others to see what goes into a competitor/models daily regime, workouts, and diet so they dont end up like me and then fiiiinally after 2 1/2 years figuring out that they were going about it the completely wrong way!

I hope that my blogs bring insight and knowledge to those that are just starting out, or others that want to compete. That is my goal... to help and inspire! Not lead on and flaunt what I have for nothing.

God Bless and take care of those bodies and stay natural! Be smart and there really isn't an "easy" button when it comes to competing!



Kelly said...

I'm totally inspired by your blogging and love that I can see your specific workout routines and nutrition plans.

I have a similar background story to yours and wanted to tell you to keep up the fantastic work! It's so motivating to read your entries and know that I'm not alone in my own fitness goals and that I can achieve it with hard work!

Nu-U Fitness Natural Athlete said...

Thank you Kelly! I am glad that I can encourage you and your goals! And yes, we are definately not alone but we have a very little amount of people that will stand up and admit it and then try to help those that need it!

Thought + faith + hard work = results!