Thursday, September 4, 2008

Work out log 9-3-2008 shoulders and bicpes

I havent really worked out in forever!! or atleast it seems that way. I did shoulders and bi's yesterday and here how we do!


Dumbbell over head press: 3 sets, 35 lbs in each hand, 10-12 reps with a negative at the end and a static hold on the last 2 sets.

Sitting side lateral raises: 2 drop sets, 10 to 5 lbs, first with 10lbs at 15 reps...drop to 5 lbs and go till failure.

Around the worlds super setted with 90 degree side laterals: Id have to get you a video but ill try to explain as best I can... You start with 5 lbs weights and your arms are by your side, hands supinated position and follow the line of your shoulders rotating upward (works the delts) and then come down. 2 sets with 5 and 10lbs till failure.


Kneeling pronate bicep curls on the FMM: 3 sets 50lbs on first set drops to 40 for the last 2 sets.

Standing FMM Wide Grip curls: 3 sets 50lbs upped to 60 lbs for the last set, till failure.

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