Monday, September 1, 2008

"The Dirty Dozen" #2

From Jordan Rubin.

2. Shellfish and crustaceans:

If you were blown away by my recommendation to strike pork from your diet, Im not done yet. Shrimp and lobster, two of the most popular foods in America, are, in my opinion, extremely unhealthy to eat and should aslo be avoided, even if chains like Red Lobster and Olive Garden delectably advertise entrees like breaded shrimp or scampi with pasta.

Invairably, whenever I take out my wife, Nicki, for our anniversary dinner at an expensive seaside restraunt in South Florida, a waiter with a Frenc accent will approach our table and say, " Monsieur et Madame, ze special tonight is pork tenderloin ringed with Alaskan crab and drizzled with a lobster sauce."

But thats not what I heard. His description sounded more like this: Monsieur et Madame, ze special tonight is fresh garbage, ringed with raw sewage and drizzled with solid waste.

Stay with me here. Shelfish and crustaceans, as well as fish without fins and scales such as catfish, shark, and eel, where also declared to be detestable back in Moses's day. The reasons are similar to those that make pigs out of bounds: lobsters, crabs, shrimp, and catfish are bottom feeders. The troll along the seabed or lakebed, sustaining themselves with fish waste. The physiology of crabs, clams, ad lobsters means that whatever they consume goes straight into their system, which is why scientists can measure water pollution by checking the flesh of shell fish and crustaceans for toxin levels. While all this "clean up" is great for water quality and one of nature's ways to scrub the aquatic environment, eating shellfish and crustaceans is not good for your bodies or your health.

Now, someone brought something to my attention ,me, Meagan, about pasture fed or farm fed animals...that is a grey area in my I will just stick to not eating them. That may be one of the questions Ill ask Jesus when I meet Him! lol...

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Isabelle said...

I was told the same thing way back when. now just thinking that they are he garbage of the ocean does it for me not wanting to eat them...