Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homemade Mocha Coffee with 1.5g of fat and sugar free!

So yesterday I was thinking bout making coffee...but didnt have loose coffee grounds but I did have instant coffee! The instant coffee to me is very strong, unless I put in creamer or milk and I dont wanna do that at this point in my training. so I was trying to figure out how to make it taste better without the extra sugar, carbs and calories.

Think, Think, Think...

AH HA! I have sugar free chocolate pudding in the fridge...lets heat up the hot water add in two teaspoons of the instant coffee and a whole thing of sugar free chocolate pudding, add a packet of stevia....vvvvvuuuuaaaala! Coffee with a hint of chocolate with less than a full serving of pudding, with a whole serving of pudding it tastes like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee!! GENIOUS I must say...it is now one of my favorite drinks when I need a lil pick me up, or a make me feel better, or need a chocolate fix! :-) BYE BYE Starbucks! Hello Meagan Genious Drink...lol...Enjoy guys!

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