Saturday, September 13, 2008

"The Dirty Dozen" #12

12. Beer, wine, and alcoholic drinks: by Jordan Rubin

Although Im a teetotaler who may enjoy a glass of organic wine a couple of times a year, I recognize that there have been studies pointing out the benefits of drinking modest amounts of red wine for cardiovascular health. The "French Paradox," so called for the obeservation that the french typically suffer low rates of heart disease despite having a diet rich in saturated fats, was attributed to alcohol and olive oil intake. The "French Paaradox" is only a paradox if you assume that saturated fat is the cause of obesity and heart disease. No wonder the french--eating all kinds of real food to their hearts content and toasting family and friends with a glass of vin rouge--have that certain joie de vivre.

I balance alcohol benefits against the downside of ,excessive drinking which damages family relationships as well as every organ in the body (especially the liver), promotes depression, causes digestive ailments (ulcers, gatritis, and pancreatitis), and impacts fertility. Alcohol adds weight, a full 7 calories per gram, almost twice that of protain or carbs. Thats a significant reason why we seee beer bellies in this world.

(long story short, drinking has become a weight inducting habit that needs to be trimmed back.)

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