Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work out log 9-25-2008 Shoulders and Bi's


FMM Side lateral raises super setter with regular shoulder press: the arms are set like you would do a regular shoulder press but instead you do side laterals. The cables are not crossed. This changes what muscle group is targeted the most.

3 sets, till failure, 30lbs on side laterals, 60lbs of shoulder press.

One arm FMM Lateral raise with arm circles: 1 set on each side, 30lbs till failure.

Cross cable side laterals: 1 set, till failure, 30lbs

Drop set of free weight side laterals: 2 sets, 15, 10, 8 lbs till failure.

Drop set and super set of bent over row and upright row: 2 sets 35lbs bent over row to 20lbs, 15 reps and then on the 20lbs till failure. Up right row 20lbs till failure.

Dumbell Over head press: 30lbs 1 set till failure.


Incline dumbell curls: 2 sets, 15lbs 8 reps and then holding in a static position for 45-60 seconds.

FMM Over Head Cable Curl: 2 sets, 30lbs on first set, 50lbs on second set till failure.

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