Saturday, September 27, 2008

Work out log 9-27-2008 Back, Tri's and abs.


Super duper set of prone exercise ball dumbbell rows, reverse flies, and delt rows:

2 sets: 20lbs dumbell row, 12 reps. 8lb reverse flies, 12 reps, 8 lbs delt row 8 reps.

Close grip lat pull downs: 2 sets of 70lbs, 8 reps dropped to 50lbs 6 reps. 2nd set 60lbs and then 50 lbs.

Prone Bench dumbell rows: 2 sets 25lbs 12 reps. 2nd set 20 lbs.

FMM Single arm lat pull down with rotation: 2 sets, 90lbs on each side, 12 reps.

FMM Lat pull downs: 1 set, 100lbs till failure.


Incline reverse crunches super setted with skull crushers: 2 sets abs at 12 reps, 25lbs on skull crushers 15 reps.

Prone Tricep Extensions super setted with seated double crunch: 2 sets 8lbs on tricep extention, 12lbs on double crunch 15 reps on each. 2nd set 5 lbs Tricep Extension and 15lbs double crunch.

Standing Bar tricep extension super setted with flat bench straight leg reverse crunches: 2 sets, 90lbs extension 12 reps, 15 reps on crunches.

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