Friday, September 12, 2008

Work out log 9-12-2008 Shoulders and Biceps

Ok, today was a craaaaazy shoulder and bicep bear with me I will try to get this across as easily as possible (if you want video please let me know). I really need to just film my work outs. lol... Basically, all these shoulder exercises are done with little to no rest in between but I will write them seperated like usual.

SHOULDERS: super duper sets! lol

Standing Free Motion (FMM) Shoulder Press SUPER SETTED with blue band lat raises:

3 sets, shoulder press is set to 80lbs, 15 reps and then blue band lat raises till failure. 15 second rest and then do the next set.

Kneeling FMM prone lateral raises SUPER SETTED with FMM lateral circles:

2 sets, set at 40lbs, 12 reps and then circles forward and back till failure.

Standing FMM Lateral Raises SUPER SETTED with FMM Lateral Circles:

2 sets, set at 30lbs, all until failure.

"Around the worlds" SUPER SETTED with shoulder press: You start with your palms supinated down by your sides and then you follow the line parallel to your body from hips, trunk, shoulders, and then up over your head.

1 set, 10lbs till failure.


FMM Kneeling Prone Bicep Curls: 2 sets, 50lbs on each cable, 15-12 reps with a static hold at the end of each set for 10-12 seconds.

Standing One Dumbbell Curl: You hold one dumbbel in both hands on the end and curl (similar to a close grip barbell curl, but way more unstable! So the biceps have to work over time) 2 sets, 25-30lbs till failure with static holds at the end for 10-12 seconds.

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