Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leg Day Work Out 9-13-2008

Well, reading back to yesterdays post and how crazy it was…it was nothing like today! Today was leg day and I knew that I was going to be squatting…but wow…Let me write down what I did and explain the "accident" that happened in this work out.


2 sets of 5 reps with 135lbs, below parallel.

1 set of 7 at 185lbs

1 set of 4 at 185lbs (this is when IT happened)


Unilateral leg press 2 sets of 12-10 reps with 260lbs

Drop set with 720lbs 30 reps in all

BACK TO SQUATS: (you will read why we went back, down below)

1set of 10 reps with 180lbs

1 set of 5 with 180lbs.

That was my leg day but the interesting thing is, I learned something today. DONT GET SCARED CAUSE THEN YOU DROP THE BAR AND IT ROLLS OVER YOUR NECK! :-/ So on the 4th set of 4 reps, my spotter was spotting me and his knee was my bench mark to come back up, well on the 4th rep I got three quarters of the way down and lost focus(bad idea) and instead of keeping everything tight I got scared that his knee was lower than before and my shoulders and core just colapsed forward and the 185lb bar just rolled right over my shoulders, down my neck and onto the weight rack. As soon as I felt it moving I knew there was no way I, or my spotter could catch it so I relaxed and just let it roll. Good thing I did because I didnt hurt me neck like I could have (Thank you Jesus for that split second reaction). Point being, DONT LOSE FOCUS, trust yourself and your body and you will be fine. That split second you have another thought come through your head, youre done.

The one awesome thing that did come of this was, that if I hadnt dropped it, I wouldnt have gone back and done the last 2 sets and pumped out 15 more reps! After the crazy leg press I looked at my trainer and he looked at me and we were both like, we gotta do that again…I had to redeem both myself and him…I WAS GONNA DO IT! So in the end I got 2 more sets of amazing squats in and so it wasnt so bad after all.

What a day!!

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Isabelle said...

Great job! you must have felt it the next dday :)