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Fattiest Foods in America!

By now, almost everybody knows that trans fats are the food additive that should rarely pass your lips. They add useless calories, build bad cholesterol (known as LDL), and lower your good cholesterol (known as HDL). The American Heart Association says you should only consume 2 grams or less of trans fats in our daily diets. (And we say less. Zero is a good number.)

So why on earth is trans fat still in food if it’s so terrible? Because even though trans fats may shorten your life, they actually add to the shelf life of baked goods, and keep the deep-fat fryers stoked batch after batch. Choosing between your personal health and their own financial health, some chain restaurants and food manufacturers go the wrong way.

Our mission: to raise the warning flag. Here’s a list of the worst trans fat transgressors. Put them on your do-not-eat list, and we’ll all feel a lot better.

Cinnabon Classic Roll
5 g trans fat
813 calories
32 g fat

Eat these too often and you might have to be rolled out of the store. Not only do they serve a whopping 813 calories, but they’ll also set you back with a few days' worth of trans fats.

Eat This Instead:
Cinnabon Minibon Delight
300 calories
8 g fat (2 g trans fat)

This is the healthiest option on their menu, and it still has one day’s worth of trans fats. Offset your indulgence and help protect your ticker with these 10 foods that are great for your heart.

Bob Evans Country Biscuit Breakfast
6 g trans fat
659 calories
45 grams fat

Beware of biscuits. Like deep-fried menu items, they should set off a trans fat alarm in your head. The lowliest lard keeps biscuits soft and tender. Of course, the fact that Bob’s trans fatty biscuit is drowned in gravy and cheese doesn’t help, either.

Eat this Instead:
Bowl of oatmeal and French Toast a la carte (1 slice)
303 calories
5 g fat (0 g trans fat)

The oatmeal will fill you up, so you won’t overindulge after the slice of toast. For 15 other tips for losing weight fast without sacrificing your favorite foods (or ever dieting again), learn these secret restaurant swaps!

Jack in the Box's large Natural Cut Fries
10 g trans fat
300 calories
33 g fat

Although most fast food restaurants have transitioned to trans-fat-free fryers, Jack in the Box hasn’t. Their large servings of natural cut fries and curly fries both pack more than 5 days' worth of dangerous fats. In fact, most of the items on their menu are riddled with more than a day’s serving of trans fats.

Eat this instead:
Jack in the Box Egg Roll (1)
130 calories
6 g fat (1 g trans fat)

The fruit cup and one egg roll are the only sides that do not have 2 or more grams of trans fats. If the fruit cup isn’t for you, limit yourself to one egg roll.

Dairy Queen Wild Buffalo Chicken Strip Basket (4 pieces)
11 g trans fat
870 calories
96 g fat

The Queen serves up another example of deep-fried danger. The nearly 100 grams of fat alone should deter you from ordering this basket of trouble. But the 4 strips also deliver more than 3 days' worth of trans fats. DQ stands for disqualified.

Eat this instead:
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
400 calories
16 g fat (0 g trans fat)

Bob Evans Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie
13 g trans fat
908 calories
60 g fat

Trans fats happily make their home in crusts — like the one that surrounds this pot pie. Bob Evans is one of the worst trans fat offenders: many of their dishes contain two or three days' worth of trans fat. Down this pot pie and you’ll have consumed nearly a week’s trans fat quota.

Eat this instead:
Bob-B-Q Chicken
545 calories
14 g fat (0 g trans fat)

Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard
6 g trans fat
1,320 calories
52 grams fat

Treating yourself to ice cream now and then isn’t a problem. But if your frozen treat includes three days worth of trans fat, it’s time pick a new ice-cream parlor. (And make sure you avoid other drinkable disasters that might be on this indispensable 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America list!)

Eat this instead:
Small Artic Rush Slush
240 Calories
0 g fat (0 g trans fat)

Or try these 8 frozen desserts that won't wreck your waistline.

Bob Evans Stacked & Stuffed Caramel Banana Pecan Hotcakes
9 g trans fat
1,543 calories
77 g fat
Don’t be fooled by the bananas and pecans, which can be healthy on their own. But this dish delivers 3 days worth of trans fat, not to mention over half the recommended daily calorie intake.

Eat this instead:
Stuffed French Toast, No Topping
599 calories
20 g fat (0 g trans fats)

We don’t love the calorie count on this one, so you’re best off splitting this dish or taking half home. But it’s the only Bob Evans pancake or French toast meal that doesn’t slip you trans fats.

To discover other things restaurants might be surprising you with, make sure to check out these 16 secrets the restaurant industry doesn’t want you to know! It’ll help you save your waistline when you’re eating out.

And to avoid 22 other popular trans fat transgressors at your favorite fast-food and chain restaurants, check out this must-have list of big-name offenders. Don't leave home without it!

Know other tips, tricks, and tactics? Please share them with the rest of us here.

by: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/17837/the-fattiest-foods-in-america/

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