Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Work out log 10-14-2008 Shoulders and Abs

Prone Rotating Shoulderpress SS with Reverse Flies:
4 sets, 10lbs, 10 reps on each exercise.

Decline ab crunch with lateral raises SS with crunch and shoulder press:
3 sets, 10lbs, 10 reps on each exercise.

Flat bench sitting lateral raises with knees up at an angle SS with shoulder press SS with reverse ab curls:
3 sets, 12 lbs, 10reps on lat raises and 8 reps on shoulder press

Standing Shoulder Press Drop Set SS with lat raises and around the worlds:
1 complete set of 20lb shoulder press, 8 reps--15 lbs shoulder press, 8 reps--10lbs lat raises 6 reps--8lbs lat raises 6 reps, 5lb around the worlds 5 reps.

Incline reverse curls:
1 set till failure.

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