Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I learned at my first FAME competition. (I know its a little late lol)

Hey there guys!
So I know this is late but I was thinking this morning and I know a couple of people that are about to compete in their first competition and I know its going to be an awesome, but eye opening experience!
I wanted to give some insight on what I learned my first time around and what the judges had to say so it maybe can help others. Well I knew this but it didnt really click until now, that diet has to do with 85% of what you look like!! I wasnt really sticking to my diet as well as I should have and I complained and didnt "just do it", and I regret it because I could have looked so much better on stage if I had only listened and trusted my nutritionist. So listen and trust the people that you are working with because they have a lot more experience in this field than you do and they are looking out for your best intrest as well as theirs because when you get up on stage you represent them as well as yourself. They dont want you to get up there and not look good because their name is stamped right along side yours.
I went in thinking that aww this is my first show, it really doesnt matter whether I win or lose or the quality of my work and body etc, but coming out of it...I regretted not taking it more seriously and also not necessarily giving the judges the best impression...they totally knew I was a newbie! But you always get a second chance so this next show, ITS ON!
I also needed to work on my walk and posing...because its a lot harder than it looks! To stand in those shoes for several toes went numb, not to mention getting up in front of all of those people by yourself...all eyes are on you!! Walkin in regular heels is one thing, becauses they have a bit of give...walking in posing shoes is completely different because they are all plastic, meaning they are stiff and have no are constantly on the balls of your feet!
One of the things the judges really stressed about was make up, they didnt dock me for that but they went back stage and got after some of the girls for not wearing enoughh and that they just kinda blended in with their tans... So practice with your make up and make it like costume make girl make up...what ever you wanna call
Suits! Well, with me thinking that this was my first show and all, I wasnt too worried about my suit, wrong thing to do! That is your uniform it is a big piece of the puzzle! They take into consideration how it looks, how pretty it is etc... if you dont have the right suit that might be the breaking point between you and the next girl! So get the right suit made for you and make sure you have someone that can match your skin tone to the color of the suit etc... , care about what it looks like because you need to be the total package to win!
Another thing is to smile, and smile big! They like to see those pearly whites, and practice practice practice...I am now practicing almost every day in my shoes and walking on different surfaces to get control of my feet and everything else. Going up on stage and not practicing anything was a mistake because I walked to fast, the photographers couldnt even get a shot of me because I was hauling!! lol... Get a good paced walk, not too slow or too fast and practice your poses so you dont draw a blank on stage.
Have fun but take it seriously because you worked sooooo hard to get where you are and you dont want your stage presence to blow all your hard work. This is your time to shine but not slack! Strut your stuff and be Body Proud!!
Good luck out there!
"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. "

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