Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Beer Here and there...its ok right...NOT!

This is an article my friend wrote and I couldn't say it better myself:

A Beer here and there… A Good Way to Stay Fat!

One of the most common things I notice that people do when they’re trying to lose weight is to justify their alcohol consumption. “I only drink on the weekends.” Or “I only have a glass of wine with dinner.” Or maybe “Tuesday is my staff meeting and we always have beers after that.” My favorite - “I drink vodka (or whatever) with Diet Coke so it isn’t that bad.”
Please don’t get me wrong. Most everyone understands the dangers associated with the overconsumption of alcohol. This article is not being written to delve into social issues or even other health issues aside from fat loss and muscle gain (I’m a fitness professional and a personal trainer, not your general health physician).
I am not naive enough to think that alcohol doesn’t exist in our social culture. Also, when tensions have been running high at work and the crew is going out for a beer, I realize that to many, alcohol is an acceptable way to reduce stress.
Of course, there are the hundreds of studies and articles that pop up every so often telling people how great it is to have a glass of wine everyday for its antioxidant values. That’s always entertaining because it gives people reinforcement on why it’s ok to have that drink every day or every couple of days.
Well, exercise reduces stress and if you want antioxidants, drink a glass of tomato juice. Sure, you can REDUCE the number of calories in your mixed drinks by using diet soda or water, but alcohol has more calories per gram than either protein or carbs, and more importantly, those calories are totally useless in the body and stand a much higher chance of being stored as adipose.
Aside from the fact that alcohol is recognized as a carcinogen (any substance which is an agent directly involved in the promotion of cancer or in the facilitation of its propagation), one thing most people fail to grasp is that the excess calories in alcoholic drinks is a very small part of the puzzle. A much larger problem for those who are concerned with their body composition is the fat storing and muscle burning effects that alcohol has on the hormonal systems in the body. Not only does alcohol (and especially the sugars in most drink mixes like margaritas) increase the secretion of insulin (which tells the body to STORE), it also increases secretion of the fat storing hormone cortisol, while suppressing fat burning and muscle building hormones such as Growth Hormone and Testosterone, while increasing estrogen production (and yes, this is in men). If you are a male reading this and you have been working out, you understand the importance of the natural production of GH and Testosterone, and suppression of those hormones is the absolute last thing you want if you’re concerned with gaining lean body mass while getting rid of stored body fat. Not to mention, alcohol is classified as a depressant, so the likelihood of you becoming active after consumption is greatly reduced.
“But I like to drink beer while I mow the yard… I just sweat it all out…” Doesn’t matter, the alcohol still works it’s black magic on your hormones!!!
So, what does all this mean? Quite frankly, it’s this simple: drinking as little as 2-6 drinks at a time can prohibit your body’s ability to burn fat for as much as 2-3 days AFTER the drinks.
I’m not on an anti-alcohol kick right now. On occassion, I have no problem with the consumption of your favorite cocktail with dinner or friends. However, if you’re serious about changing the way you look by losing fat and gaining muscle, regular alcohol consumption cannot be part of your daily regimen.
I deal with truths. I know that when a lot of people are searching for a personal trainer, they look for someone that will tell them what they are currently doing is “Ok.” I will tell you what you NEED to be doing, and that isn’t always what people want to hear. I’m serious about helping you change your body and get in shape. So I often hear myself telling people that “if confirmation is what they’re after, there are plenty of personal trainers in San Antonio that will give it to you. However, if you want the truth about what it is going to take to change your body: hard work, consistency, knowledge, and discipline, than you have found the right personal trainers for you!”

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