Thursday, June 12, 2008

My newest goal accomplished!

Hey all! I have accomplished a goal of mine... the goal was to not let my mind get in the way of lifting...aka mental block. I was always scared or never thought I could lift more that 360lbs on a leg press...well today I pressed 800lbs! I now know the true meaning of mind over matter. Your brain likes to play tricks on you or give you the excuses not to do something, justification so to speak. Well when you put fear and laziness aside and just say "Im gonna do it" then go out there and do it, do not stop...go full force, knowing you can and make it happen! These are the days that remind me why I work so hard in the gym. I do this to gain confidence in myself and to know that I can do something that I never thought I could do! Keep up the hard work because I am living proof that it pays off in the end!

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