Thursday, June 26, 2008

Supplements and The new diet fads.

Hey Everyone!
Well I have had some people ask me what supplements I take and when I take them. Well I use a protein powder for my breakfast, I am very picky about my protein powders because I dont like artificial sweetners and how they make it taste and my stomach feel. I use Essential Natural Whey Protein powder in the Chocolate flavor. I use Optimum nutritions BCAA's and Glutamine as well. I take the BCAA's before and after cardio and then both the Glutamine and BCAA's after my work outs. I also take fish oil, and flax seed oil.

I also have a rant about the new K2O protein water! What a crock!! 6 grams of protein does absolutely nothing for you! and wont even curb your appetite its just flavored, expensive, prolly not even water, that will give you cancer! The whole kellogs craze with the new protein supplements etc is a waste of money and time. The amount of calories etc that you need throughout the day should be gotten from whole foods, not artificial empty caloric foods that come from a box! Anyone that follows this will more than likely lose weight but it wont be body fat, it will be muscle mass. That is it for my rant....

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