Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The best Energy Drink EVER!

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What are A.C.T. "On The Go" energy drinks?

A.C.T. is a breakthrough drink that generates super healthy results within 10 plus minutes! Experience super human full body revitalization and super charge nutrient uptake into your bodies cells. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or at night, A.C.T. will keep you going or make you go. Plus, you get to experience what is being referred to by consumers as the worlds “The Feel Good” drink.

How do we sell A.C.T. drink for $1.00?

Our factory ships A.C.T. drinks straight to your doorstep, there's no middleman markups. Big consumer value and true manufacturer direct pricing for all! Consumers are shocked when they see how much they receive for their money!

How do A.C.T. drinks target metabolic pathways for specific results?

Every cell in your body depends on energy to perform the functions of that cell. Most people eat foods high in calories and low in the nutrients your cells need to perform. A.C.T. targets specific metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. Nutrients abound in plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. A.C.T. drinks combine extracts from these various natural sources to produce positive results. Specialized crystalline extracts from these natural sources combine to deliver results. You can have both ENERGY and NUTRIENTS working together when Nature and Good Science meld. Seek out REAL STORIES... Not Claims!


Big increase in energy
Sharp mental concentration.
A FAST feel good affect.
Last for hours
Appetite is suppressed - lose unwanted weight
Sleep well and wake up alert (not groggy)

Just look at the A.C.T. Ingredients & NO ONE can compare value!

Vitamin C - (100% RDA)

Immunity Antioxidant
Key Ingredient for producing collagen in Tissue fiber
Deficiency causes scurvy, anemia, pain, infection, bruising

Vitamin B3 - (100% Niacinamide)

Cell respiration
Less Cholesterol
Mental Alertness

Vitamin B6 - (100%)

Hormone Balance
Red Blood Cells
Cancer Immunity
Protects Heart Muscle

Vitamin B12 - (100%)

Healthy Nerve Cells
Red Blood Cells
Helps Making - DNA

Fibersol-2 - (Dietary fiber)

Help keeps the digestive system clean & healthy
Helps regulate blood sugar
Reduce risk of some lifestyle-related diseases

Guarana Seed

Antioxidant with antibacterial properties
Revitalizes and refreshes mind and body
Reduces pain
Improves mental acuity
Increases endurance
Reduces stress

Green Tea - (Medical conditions that are improved by taking Green Tea)

Rich in catechins & polyphenols (inhibit cancer cell growth)

Cardiovascular disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Lowers cholesterol levels
Improves ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol
Fights infection
Repairs immune function

Ginseng Root - (Non caffeine)

Creates vital energy
Restores normal pulse
Benefits lungs and spleen
Calms the nerves-reduces stress
Helps body resist infections


Improves cardiovascular health
Detoxification of ammonia
Neurotransmitter in the brain
Stimulates pituitary release of growth hormone
Pancreatic release of glucagons and insulin


Shields heart from harm
Clears cholesterol from the body
Lowers blood pressure
Fights cells that damage the heart
Benefits vision disorders
Benefits epilepsy and gallstones


Energy for cells
Burns fat & reduces hunger
Improves cardiovascular performance & function
Stimulates the hearts energy supply
Increases heart output


Improves brain function
Stimulates the nervous system
Stimulates metabolism
Suppresses the appetite
Burns body fat
Aids adrenal, thyroid & pituitary glands

Maca Root

Enhances memory
Boosts energy, improves endurance & stamina
Overcomes depression
Menopause symptoms savior & libido enhanced

Cherry Juice Extract

Healthy Joints

Mango Juice Extract

Builds Immune System

Pineapple Juice Extract

Aids Digestion Helps

Orange Juice Extract

Great source of Vitamin C
Supplies many Phytonutrients

Potassium Citrate - 235 mg Daily dietary need for potassium is 2000-4000 mg.

Low potassium diets produce great fatigue & muscle weakness.
Potassium is essential for life, growth, development & life span.
Controls the activity of your heart, muscles, nervous system
Controls just about every living cell in your body
Activates enzymes for the use of amino acids
Conversion of blood sugar into the stored glycogen for energy reserves
Involved in bone calcification
Muscle contraction & coordination
Role in maintaining the water balance & integrity of your cells
It is important to nerve transmission
Transport of choline for acetylcholine synthesis in your brain
Protein & carbohydrate metabolism,
Glucose breakdown, & glycogen (stored glucose)

Stevia Leaf Extract - (Sweetest herb on earth - No calories)

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