Monday, January 19, 2009

Pt 3. on how a competitor can manage their time while in school

Once you begin preparing your meals, you will need Tupperware, a big lunch box, ice packs for the lunch box to keep meals cold, and medicine droppers! Medicine droppers? Absolutely! Medicine droppers are an awesome way to store your flax oil and fish oil while on the go! This way you don’t have to carry the whole bottle around and you can just measure how many drops are needed for your daily dosage. Droppers are a quick, easy way to take your fats! Another suggestion, is to find a microwave on campus that is in proximity of your classes so that you can heat everything up and still make it to class on time. Schedule your eating around classes so you can eat every 2.5 to 3 hours, but if you have to eat in class and your professors give you a hard time about it, explain to them why you are doing it and they will likely understand. If you are a trainer, sometimes this can actually lead to them to their interest in training with you!

Depending on the time that you will be away from home will determine how many meals you pack in your cooler. Though, as a rule of thumb, never leave your house with less than four meals prepped, ready, and in your cooler. This will ensure that if you get side tracked and cannot make it back home as planned, you are not stuck without your meals. This is very helpful especially if you have group projects and have to meet up with your group members.

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