Friday, January 9, 2009

Pt 2. on how a competitor can manage their time while in school

As a rule of thumb for pre contest and fat loss, the ratio is 50/20/30, meaning fifty percent of your daily intake is protein, twenty percent are carbohydrates and the last thirty percent are fats. Other common ratios 30/50/20 for gaining muscle mass; and 40/40/20 for general weight loss. An easy daily caloric intake calculation is to multiply your weight times ten. You can then divide your total caloric intake by the percentages given in the ratio, a simple solution for estimating your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for the day. You can also divide those amounts by the number of calories in one gram of protein, carbohydrate, and fat; 4, 4, and 9 respectively. These results will give you the amount of grams of each component that you should be consuming on a daily basis.


Step 1: 125 lbs x 10= 1250 kcal/day
Step 2:
• 50 percent Protein / 1250 = 625 calories
• 20 percent Carbohydrates/ 1250 = 250 calories
• 30 percent FATS / 1250 = 375 calories
Step 3:
• Protein 625 kcal / 4 = 156-157g
• Carbohydrates 250 kcal / 4 = 62.5g
• Fats 375 kcal / 9 = 41.6-42g
*This is just a sample of a common ratio used for competition diets. Depending upon where you are in your preparation and how your body responds to this food ratio, will determine exactly how many grams of each component you will be consuming.

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