Sunday, November 23, 2008

Communication is Key!

Hey everyone!
Well something came to my attention today; I mean, I have always known this but in the past week it has become more important to me.

When you are a client or a trainer, communication is a key element in reaching your fitness goals. No one knows your body better than you do.

Trainers, I would suggest getting feedback from your clients as much as possible so you are able to tailor their work outs better and to their liking as well. I know sometimes they may have to do an exercise they dont like but if you can find an alternative and get the same or even better results, then thats a good route to take.

Dont be scared to ask for feedback! The only way to get better and to help your clients reach their goals faster is to find out how they are feeling! Even if you are afraid of constructive criticism, do it anyway because in the long run it will benefit both client and trainer tremendously.

Clients, let us trainers know how we are doing! Not in a pushy or demeaning way, but in the way of informing us on how you feel about the work outs, how you are feeling during the work outs etc. Yes, we are trainers and can read body language pretty well, but we cant read minds. So verbalizing is a good tool to use to reach your goals even faster. If something is not working for you or anything at all, please let us know so we dont end up wasting time.

And again, this is a key element because if you arent communicating properly, you might not be getting the best work out you can get.

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