Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Time Like Now to Start Fresh

I personally loved this article and couldn't have said it better! --Meagan Lee

If you lack motivation, feel overwhelmed; want to change something in your life – think now.

When we think about everything that has happened, could happen, may or may not happen, we are not in the present moment and not able to enjoy the beauty of the present.

The present moment is a gift (maybe that is why it is called the "present"), and it really is all we have, because if you think about it, things only happen in today – even tomorrow has to become today before something will happen.

Being present allows you to not obsess about what was or what will be – which pretty much keeps us stuck – and allows us to move forward in a very thoughtful, powerful and graceful way.

  • Focus your attention on embracing the present
  • Take the actions that you can take today
  • Relax and let tomorrow be

Your anxiety will abate the minute you realize that in this moment, everything is fine. And that does not discount the fact that you may want some things in your life to change. In fact change comes much more quickly, and easily, when you focus on being in the now. Again:

  • Allow the present to be exactly as it is
  • Take the steps to make the changes you want
  • Relax and accept what is

You do not have to hate the way you look today to change it tomorrow. You can, and should, embrace who you are today and what you look like, and take action to change what you would like to change.

If you want to lose weight, you can eat less and exercise more and like yourself in the process. In fact, you are more likely to stick with your decision to take these steps if you are not beating yourself up along the way.

Imagine getting up in the morning for a 30-minute brisk walk, getting dressed and cursing what you look like – this makes you want to get back under the covers – versus getting out of bed, appreciating your willingness to try, and determination to overcome the desire to stay in bed. This makes you feel like a hero, and going for a walk leaves you feeling invigorated, and like a champion.
It’s a win, win situation - dive in and enjoy.

By Debbie Rocker
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1 comment:

Yvonne said...

Hi Debbie,
I found you on Cory's blog.
I think it's great that you address the issue of eating disorders and accepting yourself while embracing change.
I work part-time at Ann Taylor Loft and my heart cries when I see women that are size 00's and have hanging flesh. This is why they think that they are fat. Because they have lost all the muscle that holds up skin. I wish I could tell them... that I see. I want to help them. It's so sad. Nice to know someone in the fitness business sees and whats to help. I have thought for a long time that Fitness people might actually help people with eating disorders more than doctors.
Or.. at least as much.